Bound-gagged Porn Videos

The term "bound-gagged" in the context of a porn video refers to a specific type of BDSM scene where the participant is both physically restrained (bound) and unable to speak (gagged). 'Bound' implies that the individual is tied, roped or otherwise restrained, typically with their limbs spread out or restricted in some manner. This can include anything from simple wrist and ankle ties to more elaborate bondage setups involving various forms of apparatus. ‘Gagged’ on the other hand refers to the act of having one's mouth filled so they cannot speak. Typically this involves a physical object such as a gag, ball-gag, or even a large item like a dildo. In some cases, the individual may also have their mouth taped shut instead of using a gag. So when you see "bound-gagged" in a video tag, it's usually indicating a scene that features BDSM play involving both physical restraint and restriction of speech or communication. This is often considered an extreme form of BDSM because it severely restricts the subjec