Auto Porn Videos

"Auto" in the context of a porn video tag is usually referring to "automatic". It can have several interpretations depending on the context and other tags used: 1. Autoeroticism: This term refers to self-stimulation or masturbation, where an individual pleasures themselves for sexual gratification. 2. Anal sex with a sex toy or an object: When it is paired with "anal", it may refer to a scene involving penetration of the anus using a mechanical device or object. 3. A particular type of adult film genre: Some pornographic films are categorized as "auto" because they feature scenes where the actors use sex toys or machines to stimulate themselves, rather than having manual or oral interaction with each other. 4. Machine-based fetish: "Auto" could be a tag for content that focuses on individuals deriving sexual pleasure from machines, gears, engines, etc. This is known as machinery or machine fetishism. Remember that these interpretations are based on common porn video tag usage and may vary depending on